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Welcome one and all to InetSpuds!
Home to all Internet Spuds and non-spuds alike.
With our news feeds and news links, you can find the latest news, sports news, political news, business news, and financial news all in one place. find free consumer information, free government information, free education resources, free reference resources, free history resources. find out more about american history, black history resources, ancient history, world history, mexican history, slavery in america, racism in america and more. find free reports, free moneymaking opportunities reports, free home business opportunities reports, moneymaking opportunities. find affiliate and reseller programs to male extra money, get your free horoscope, free stuff 4 kids, free e cards, free blogs and more at
"The Library is your key to the world the Internet is your key to the universe!"
Be safe, be smart use it wisely and always verify information from more than one source.

Even if you are not an Internet Spud, you are welcome here. We will try to provide as much access to free information as we can, however people do have to play bills and some are starting to change from access to some information. From this site, you will find links to free stuff, free horoscopes, free reports, free online dictionaries, free online encyclopedias, free online libraries, free online reference and resources, and other free useful information.

If you are looking for the latest news, sports, weather from around the world or you want to keep up to date with the latest computer news, security information and virus information you have come to the right place. Find free financial information and resources for those seeking to make their fortune in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency or other equities.

This is a great starting point for doing homework, fun activities, home activities, classroom actives, studying for a test or for those seeking greater understanding and knowledge. Kids, teens, college students, parent, and teachers can find fun actives, math resources, science resources, history resources and a wealth of information, learning and reference sources here and best of all most of it is free. Find mind-expanding games for all ages, fun for the whole family.

Had a hard day, need to unwind or just need something to do, you have come to the right place you can find links to jokes, humor, brainteasers, riddles, puzzles, games have links to Sports and Fantasy sports for the armchair quarterbacks and armchair sports fans and more.

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Use us as your starting point for news, learning, information, research, fun and more...
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